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Blowing Away The Cobwebs

*Blows away the cobwebs* It’s been a while since I’ve been on here hasn’t it?  That wasn’t my intention but things have happened, a lot of things and some huge changes to my personal life. I’m not going to go into too much detail on that front because there’s some things I’d rather keep private for now but those who know me already know what’s gone on. Let’s just say I now find myself two counties away from where I was and this has brought some twists to my transition journey, so a progress report of sorts is today’s subject.

First off I’m another year older now though the jury’s out as to weather or not I’m any wiser. I’ve also passed the year mark on this journey on the 27th April. Cake, a glass of wine and a celebratory takeaway were the order of the day with my girlfriend Rebecca, who I’ve moved in with. She’s helped me so much in more ways than I can describe over the past few months and I love her with all my heart.

9th April saw me taking my scooter for it’s first ride after moving up to Hertfordshire to go see Dr Seal for my follow up appointment. Now this was surprisingly brief, about 15 minutes at most. It would have been longer but I was hampered by Medway losing my blood test results I did while I was still living there.

I had been asked to get tests done for oestrogen, testosterone and prolactin levels in my blood as well as a liver function test as this was needed for Dr Seal to get a baseline and adjust my medication if needed, but had to be doe eight weeks after going onto my testosterone blocker. I did this and had enough time to get the results without worrying. Trouble is Medway for whatever reason lost everything except my liver function test (which came back as working fine for once) and so he was unable to made any adjustments to that. Other than that, he was satisfied with my progress, everything that’s meant to be growing is doing so, as is the bits that are shrinking, which is great.

Blood pressure’s fallen to 105/60 from 125/60, which is excellent news and my weight has remained unchanged which is also good. That aside, I was due to have my first appointment at Charing Cross GIC a few days later but they cancelled due to the guy not being there the day I was due in. That’s now been kicked back to June 15th, though I wonder just what I’m going to be doing there as what usually goes on in your first appointment at the GIC I’ve already gone through. In fact by the time I get there I’d have been on some form of HRT or other for almost a year, I don’t feel the need to go for voice coaching as I have that in hand myself and I’d have been living as me full time for almost a year then as well with very little bother. I’ll take my folder full of medical notes and whatnot just in case and basically tell what I still need to do, which is basically have my bits turned inside out. For some reason, this is something I can’t do myself.

Of course moving as I have means a change of GP, something I did have some anxiety over having heard all sorts of daft stories concerning GP’s who haven’t a clue how to treat trans people and having had to help a few trans women with advice and guidelines so they can educate their GP’s and get the help that they need.  Now I had been quite lucky in that when I went to my GP to get referred he knew exactly what to do, having had some previous experience. What would my new GP be like?

I signed up to a practice down the road and is much quieter than my old GP in Medway. A couple of weeks later I made arrangements to see the nurse to have my next Decapeptyl injection done, my  testosterone blocker which has helped me no end since being on it. I see the nurse and end up having a natter about my history, some questions regarding my health before administering the injection. Turns out she’s had experience with my medication and had a trans patient at her previous surgery.

A few days later I was back to see the GP to get my blood tests redone. Again, we had a brief discussion regarding my health, a quick flick through my medical notes I brought in just in case and he sorts out the blood test form. He also discussed my present medication and the way he was talking about them it sounds like he too has had experience with trans patients as well. He also talked me through the on-line services his surgery has so I can make appointments on-line, view my medical history and he even set up a repeat prescription for my meds so all I need to do is order on-line or call them two weeks before I run out and they’ll sort everything out. This is brilliant, what more can I ask or hope for?

Lately I seem to have had a growth spurt lately. Usually when I have a growth spurt it goes to my chest. This time it’s gone elsewhere. Without saying too much, I’ve had a few comments from Rebecca on how my legs and bum really fill out my jeans now, which goes a long way to explain why they’re feeling a bit snug now.

Finally, I need to get back onto the hair removal front. Hrt is having an effect and I’ve noticed body hair slowing down and coming back a bit thinner, but that’s now being aided by an epilator. Not the most comfortable ways of dealing with it, but I get a nice result which lasts a little while. I also need to get back to the lasering sessions. It’s been two months since my last session and with the recent spell of sunshine we had I need to be very careful with this and avoid getting my face tanned as this can make lasering less effective on top of my usual issues I have with hot and sunny weather, namely the fact I burn in minutes, I’m almost blind without sunglasses because I can’t cope with bright light and I quickly overheat because my body’s lousy at keeping cool in this kind of weather. Time to break out the sun hat I think.