Goes either way.

Now this can go either way; It could describe transition, or it could describe my efforts to figure out how to get on in this place.




2 thoughts on “Goes either way.

  1. I am so immensely proud of you and so wish I had been more clued in as to what you were feeling so I could have been more supportive. I love you more than words could ever say. You are and always will be my eldest of three amazingly wonderful daughters.xxx


  2. Times were different back then mum, neither of us had a clue because there was almost nothing out there back then for us to get hold of and figure things out. That’s why I’m writing all this now, to illustrate how education and tolerance for one another can make a huge difference to others like myself who are going on this kind of journey.

    I love you mum *hugs* xxxxxxxx


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